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Bending Department

One of the strong points of our company is the bending department, which has 5 bending presses of different sizes and tonnages,
is specific for processings of medium difficulty and volume.
Imal is provided with a useful worktop of 4500 mm for over 100 tn, it allows for the exact execution of bends on high overall dimensions.
SEB 80-25, a mix of harmony, where we meet an extraordinary sweetness of movements and an unparalleled precision. Provided with a worktop of 2500 mm per 80 tn, it can be certainly characterized in the wide range of bending presses
HFE 50-20 is the highest point of precision, provided with a lower table called: "with parallel shear strain ", which guarantees a constant punch penetration into the "V" of the matrix. This factor eliminates any bending angular variation on the entire width of the piece being processed.
Such a machine also has a DIGIPRO electronic measurer for angles, which is used in the regulation and finalization activities of the bending presses. It is connected by cable to the machine C, enabling in this way the eliminations of all the possible sources of "human" errors concerning the measurement of angular variation factors