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Precision, safety and perfect products from the first to the last one? Yes, thank you!

HFBS 8025 dedicated to that customer, who needs optimum bending precision integrated within a cell of robotized bending, enables us to reach high cinematic performances and to reduce the cycle processing times to a minimum. Thanks to the integrated automation of two RCS multi-axis robots (instead of one in most of the robotized cells), the increase up to 20% on total productivity is guaranteed. As a matter of fact, while the first robot bends, the second one with three axes prepares the piece and carries out the thickness and resistance controls in a masked time, by notably speeding up the bending sequence. Furthermore the perfect dialogue between fli RCS and the bending press allows for the working continuity, even during the programming of a new piece.

The sensors placed along the bending plane of the machine and the new electric-pneumatic system of angle measurement,), based on the control of air flows passing through the matrix (we decided to install one of this device on this machine), allows for the detection of parameters at the constant adjustment of the bending angle on each finished detail.

In this way, to conclude the on-line connection in real time between the machine and the computer, it allows for the correct management of geometric tolerances according to the programmed standards as well as the immediate processing stop, with subsequent request for action, being sent through a text message, from the machine to the workstation or to a phone number, where such tolerances should not conform.